Daily Archive: Thursday, March 23, 2017

Screen Recorder Software in Computer Science Teaching

Abstract: This paper introduces the main functions of the screen recorder software. Combined with the characteristics of computer science courses and teaching methods commonly used, screen recorder software is playing a more and more important role. Practice has proved that screen recorder software improves the learning and teaching effectiveness. It is a helpful tool to

FIFA 16 Soundtrack Revealed & Slaptop Involved in Weekly Tracks Series

EA Sports just announced the full music soundtrack for FIFA 16, featuring 42 artists including world renowned names like Beck, Foals, and more. Besides, EA also showed a partnership with Slaptop, who will curate audio for Goals of the Week series. Loads of old tracks will combine with new songs to give you a music

Think You Are Stuck With Your Cellulite? Think Again!

If you are like most women, there’s a high chance that you have cellulite somewhere on your body. This is nothing to be ashamed of – rather, take it as an opportunity to love yourself the way you are. Because even the thinnest women can sometimes develop cellulite, you don’t have to feel bad! Try