Daily Archive: Saturday, June 3, 2017

Can You Make Good Money from Online Bookselling and Book Scouting?

The simple answer: Yes. The complex answer: It depends on many factors, primarily how much time and money you can invest in this business. Venturing into independent online bookselling and scouting for books has its pros and cons, so you can never accurately predict if there’s good money waiting for you when you do both

Universal Spirituality Explained: An Overview For The Curious

Writers who walk a spiritual path often take for granted the reader understands the basic concepts and terminology of modern, universal spirituality. In fact many people may not be versed in these “basics”, and this article will attempt to define some foundation parameters for the curious and uninitiated. Universal spirituality is the term I use

The Best Public Speaking Information You Will Read

You will probably be asked to speak to a group eventually. No matter who you are addressing, your speaking can potentially impact the audience you have. The following public speaking tips will help improve your skills and techniques when in front of any type of crowd. It is very important that you display enthusiasm when