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Gains from Corporate Learning Packages

Until the various marvels of IT (information technology) made their presence felt in early 90s, refresher courses, in-house workshops and seminars were regular affairs for the executives and managers as well as senior supervisory staff in the corporate world,. Although all these endeavours were oriented towards higher productivity and other progressive measures, they were quite

BodyBuilding For Women, The Facts & The Myths Revealed

Myths of Women’s Weight Training The myths about women’s weight training and female bodybuilding do not ever seem to go away. Here are just a few “myths” that are generally associated with womens body building. Myth #1 -Weight training makes you bulky. Due to the fact that women cannot naturally produce as much testosterone (one

Everyone Would Enjoy Camping If They Only Knew How

If you love the great outdoors, mother nature, and the smell of fresh air, nothing will please you more than a nice camping trip. But, there are some things you need to know about camping before going on your trip. This article will give you the best camping tips around. One of the most important