Daily Archive: Sunday, August 6, 2017

Are You Going To Buy Silver Bullion?

Silver bullion is one of the most popular types of bullions to purchase. This is due to the relatively low cost of silver versus gold. Because of the lower price, it is more affordable by all people. Instead of only being able to buy a few gold coins or ounces, you can collect much more

A Meteorological Fiction

Until 2001, I spent my career as a research meteorologist, delving into areas as diverse as cloud physics and weather modification, numerical weather prediction, and artificial intelligence. Over a span of more than thirty years, I’d written numerous technical articles. But nearly seven years ago, I retired from my job with the Naval Research Laboratory.

Tips That Will Help You Be A Great Parent

Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins and best friends has an idea about how you should be a parent. While advice from other parents can be useful, it’s a lot easier to digest when you’re not being commanded to act! Read below for some advice from parents who’ve been there, but are not telling you what