Answering Your Alaska Questions

It is said that Alaska is home to the last wild frontier of the wilderness. It is not any wonder. It is the northern most state in the United States of America. Home to a wide diversity of wildlife and a climate that is comprised of six months of light and six months of darkness, Alaska is the final frontier of the wilderness.

Those who call Alaska their home must be a special hearty breed for it is not a forgiving climate for those who make mistakes. Bears are just some of what the wilds dish out daily to inhabitants and visitors to this great landscape.

Even more fantastic than the wildlife and the wilderness is the rich and diverse history that Alaska offers. In this article we will address some of the questions you may have regarding this great state.

When was Alaska added to the United States?

Alaska is the 49th state, being admitted on January 3rd, 1959. Up until that time it was just considered a territory along with Hawaii. Later in 1968 more than gold became the chief export. Oil was found and led to the creation of the Trans-Alaska pipeline.

Who was Alaska purchased from and when?

Alaska was purchased from the Russians by U.S. Secretary of state William Seward in 1867. The United States paid 7.2 million dollars or roughly 2 cents an acre for this bountiful, wild frontier.

This was a great bargain especially when later gold and oil were found in this natural setting. It had not been much of a go for the Russians but for the Americans purchasing Alaska was a great boon to the economy.

What is it like living in Alaska?

Alaska is a beautiful frontier. Its long coastline means plenty of fishing opportunities and the wilds of the state are perfect for those who want to get back to nature. But it takes someone special to be able to handle this last wild frontier.

With six months of winter darkness and six months of light during summer it can play havoc with the senses. Residents have to be prepared for Arctic temperatures during the winter months and living in isolation during these times. It is not an environment for everyone.

Residents must also deal with the high price of goods. It has long been much more expensive to live in Alaska than it has anywhere else. Why is this? It is due to the fact that most products have to be trucked or shipped into the state. Some cities have enjoyed a decline in the prices for consumer goods but rural residents still have to deal with the high prices.

What things can I do while on vacation in Alaska?

There are tons of things to do while vacationing in this wild frontier. You can take a camping trip in any number of the parks scattered throughout Alaska. While you are there you will definitely want to take in the scenery of the glaciers.

There are plenty of cruises to take that will allow you to see whales in their natural habitat along with some of the other wildlife in the area. Brown bears, Kodiak bears and more are awaiting your vacation to Alaska.

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