ASMC Industrial Fasteners Has the Fasteners to Meet Any Needs

The one thing that ASMC Industrial Fasteners doesn’t believe in is “typical”. Nothing about this business that was started in 2007 out of a single, private garage is typical, and they don’t think they should ever be in that category. Even though the start of this Illinois based business was created out of one guy’s need to find the right fastener for his project, what he really wanted was an easier, faster way to get his hands on those fasteners when he needed them.

Buying inventories of fasteners from other individuals or businesses served to make this desire a reality, and over the intervening seven years, the single garage business has grown into 4,000 plus square feet of warehouse space and a full-time endeavor. Now, they get the biggest part of their inventory through traditional methods and distributions. But they don’t think they should be traditional themselves, even now. Having an online presence and publishing their catalog there enables existing and potential customers to see exactly what is available and how much it costs. With their competitive prices, ASMC Industrial is sure that even if customers do comparative shopping, they will buy from ASMC Industrial for not only the price but the free shipping and exception level of customer service they are committed to providing.

Any order that exceeds $ 50 USD qualifies for free shipping, and that even includes Hawaii and Alaska as well as the US territories using USPS flat rate. The quantity of products offered are available in small, medium, and bulk so customers can choose the level that is right for them. The larger the order, the deeper the discount is offered, too. Buy more, pay less is the motto that ASMC Industrial lives by. High quality products and some of the most unique industrial fasteners available are the hallmarks of ASMC Industrial. You will be able to shop their online catalog and find items you’d never come across at any of the big box stores, or even most hardware stores.

Offering a wide selection of fasteners – everything from industrial bolts to sockets to wood screws and more – available in stainless or brass, chances are that whatever you need will be in their stock. If you have a project that requires really hard to find fasteners though, and you aren’t able to find them in the ASMC online catalog, all you have to do is fill out their RFQ form, give them a call, or drop in if you are in the Libertyville area. They will be glad to help you find what you are looking for.

Our ability to build almost anything with the right device to connect various parts grew out of the industrial age, and we’ve never looked back. With the help of threaded screws and bolts, washers, nuts, rivets, pins and clips, we have built everything from the first washing machine to the rockets that have taken us to the moon and back. No matter what needs to get to get built or put back together today, ASMC Industrial will have the fastener that can make it happen.

ASMC Industrial Fasteners is the leading online supplier of all types of fasteners. If you have a fastener needs, visit ASMC today.

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