Catholic Medals: A Way To Show Your Trust In God

People usually wear catholic jewelry to depict their faith and belief in the religion. Small trinkets like bracelets, pendants, medals, rings and brooches are some of finest religious jewelry of all times. Depending on your taste and sense of style, you can pick any of these as a reflection of the amount of trust that you have vested in the religion. Talking of catholicism, the roots of this cult of adorning jewelry in the name of God can be traced back to the times of its origin.

Medals form an imperative part of catholic jewelry. These are worn as a necklace and look like an oval shaped coin with carvings done on them. Suitable for both men and women, catholic medals are considered to be a stylish, elegant and pious testament made out of precious metals like silver and gold. More than a piece of shiny accessory, medals are believed to protect a person from evil practices. This is the main reason why these medals are considered to be highly ecclesiastic.

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Let’s get you acquainted with 3 catholic medals and the Saints they are related to.

* St. Michael: Saint of Police Officers, his feast day is observed on 29th of September each year. Known as an archangel, St. Michael was the leader of the battle which took place in heaven the between the angels and Satan (and his followers). He has been seen as a protector in the history of catholic religion and that is why he is known as the Saint of police officers. His heroic actions made him one of the most important catholic saints ever.

* St. Francis of Assisi: A Soldier who longed for a Life of the Spirit, married Lady Poverty and was a selfless saint who worked for the welfare of lepers and beggars. He is known as the Saint of Animals due to his love for the natural bounties. A medal with his carving done on it is usually worn by nature or animal lovers.

* St. Benedict: He was the founder of Western Christian Monasticism and formed 12 distinct communities for this. St. Benedict Medal is also known as the Medal Cross of St. Benedict and it is showcase’s a person trust and belief in devotion along with this dedication for the Holy Cross. St. Benedict wrote various pieces related to administrative and spiritual beliefs associated with the religion.

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