Cheerleading Fundraising – Fun and Profitable at the Same Time

Need tips on cheerleading fundraising? Well, if you have a cheerleading team that needs to go on a special trip or needs to have new uniforms, then cheerleading fundraising ideas are a major concern for you. Fundraising can be a great way to get what your team needs and it can be a profitable experience too.

A cheerleader fundraiser can be a fun event to come up with many fun and profitable ideas. The ideas may include putting together a cookbook that contains tasty recipes from teachers, students, and parents. If you need a nice place to sell the cookbook then the games, which the cheerleaders attend, can be the best place. You can also sell the books among the parents or go about door-to-door selling in your community. Another good idea is to have the cheerleaders teach cheerleading classes for a day and charge the students who take the lessons. If you hold the training classes at your school’s gym, then the up-front cost will also come down – this is a hit cheerleading fundraising idea.

What More Can Be Done?

There are more cheerleading fundraising ideas that can be very lucrative for you. You can always hold a raffle and you will not believe the incredible revenue it can bring. This cheerleading fundraiser will help you to sell the tickets and the prize will take up half of whatever has been collected in the funds. Even then, the fund that you have will suffice for a clean profit. The PTA fundraising if requested will be happy to help your cheerleading team.

Among the list of the cheerleading fundraising ideas, you also have the option of getting started with a game between your team and another team. There will be ample opportunity for you to have fun and at the same time collect the funds that you have been intending to. People have a general liking for sports and this idea is wonderful as there will be no up front cost. You could also have a rummage sale. Just get from your community stuff that they do not require. Chances are people will be generous when it comes to donating for a proper cause. You would really end up with a good stock of things to sell and make a respectable sum.

Advertise Well – Getting The Word Out

You need the right kind of publicity for your cheerleading fundraising activities. More and more people should know about it. Another fundraising idea is to request the business establishments of your city for letting your cheerleaders work at their establishments for a day and get a share of their profits. You can target the fast food services to work and earn for your fundraising.

Always explain the donors about the purpose of the fund being collected and it is essential to be really polite while collecting funds. Be in the proper uniform, be pleasant, and keep track of what you are collecting and from whom. This is required later when you have to thank the ones who have helped with generous donations. Now good luck with your cheerleading fundraising!

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