Construction Trends in the Midwest

The American Midwest is often thought of as the land of rolling plains, family values and, in recent years, shrinking economies. However, one industry stands to help the heartland get back on its feet: the construction industry.

The economy of the Midwest is mostly made up of agriculture and heavy industry, but the financial, educational and health services sectors are starting to grow in this region. With the growth of new industry and the continued focus on heavy industry, construction has a vital role to play here as well. Housing is also on the rise. In 2012, the Midwest saw a 24.7% boost in home-building, an industry high since 2008.

Construction companies in Michigan and Illinois, most notably, have begun to venture out of a slump that has plagued them for the past few years. Thanks to big businesses heading back to both Chicago and Detroit and an increase in need for new homes, construction companies in the Midwest are in need of experienced construction workers, project managers, superintendents, construction accountants and more willing to dedicate their time to rebuilding and reinvigorating these great states.

Construction in Michigan

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction workers saw a growth in employment as well as a decrease in unemployment by 1% in the last quarter, a subtle but noteworthy and trendsetting statistic that will yield more opportunities for construction companies and construction workers alike. In Michigan, there is currently a boom in construction needs and positions are becoming readily available thanks to businesses, mostly industrial, coming back to the once-great city of Detroit. The BLS also reports a steady increase in construction business and employee presence, growing from about 127,000 to over 128,000 construction opportunities in the state of Michigan.

In addition to an increase in the demand for homes and need for more infrastructure and commercial buildings, Michigan is also working to become a business-friendly state. Michigan lawmakers are working to reshape and reform policy to encourage even more businesses to move to the Great Lake State. Construction jobs in Michigan are certainly forecasted to become more abundant in the coming months.

Construction in Illinois

Though Chicago has seen troubling times in regards to crime, the fact remains that construction companies in Illinois are still frontrunners in the Midwest and across the nation in construction job opportunities, quality of production and profit levels. In fact, according to McGraw Hill Construction, the top three construction companies in the Midwest – Walsh, Mortenson, and Pepper – are located in Illinois. With large construction companies dominating the Illinois economy comes the need for more skilled laborers, project managers, heavy equipment and machinery operators, construction estimators, contractors and more.

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