Deciding On The Ideal Cheerleading Competitions

A cheerleading competition is considered a must for squads involved in any cheerleading associations in the United States and overseas. Yet because so many different institutions and companies host these events, the job of finding one can be a little frustrating and sometimes intimidating. You must know how to ask the right questions to ensure you are picking the best competition in terms of benefits and fun for your squad.

Among the main aspects that you must take into account is what kind of squad you have; college, high school, etc. You have to investigate which competitions actually are targeted to your classification. In addition, ensure that you find out if there are special guidelines in place, like gender considerations, since some competitions will permit mixed squads while others are girls only. Frequently the competition is also categorized by the number of members of the squad; such as 12 or fewer, 13 to 16, and bigger groups of 17 to 20. This normally depends on which of the cheerleading associations is organizing the competition.

Another consideration when choosing a cheerleading competition is how much money the squad is willing to spend, or how much they can afford to spend. Local competitions are not as expensive and most entry fees are pretty reasonable; however, if you have to go out of town, then there are considerations besides cheerleading outfits and routines to consider. You may have to charter a bus or make other arrangements if your school can not provide transportation and you may have an overnight stay, which means paying for hotel rooms too.

So, you will want to decide if your squad prefers to stay regional or would prefer to travel. If all are interested in traveling, then what can you afford for lodging? Furthermore, you will have to make certain that the competition fits your needs, as various squads are actually restricted by the NCA when it concerns where and when they are able to compete.

Every cheerleading competition is different so depending upon who is hosting it there are usually different regulations and rules for each one. You need to be sure to double check before making a commitment to ensure that your squad wants to really enter the competition and that you meet the requirements. It is helpful to speak with an organization’s representative so that you can be sure of all the details.

Cheerleaders are terrific at motivating fans into rooting for their favorite team. Yet there is much more to cheerleading than just that. Discover more about college cheerleading tips, competitive cheerleading and more at Cheerleading 101.

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