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The current trend to purchase a laptop has caused many people to make decisions that they later regret, as they just do not carry the same power as desktop PCs. In fact, the only advantage that a laptop has over a desktop is its element of portability. Since you can purchase a desktop PC for much less than a laptop, it makes much more sense to take this route, as you can have a larger screen, which makes navigation much easier, and the desktop PC will have much more speed. In fact, the only real advantage that laptops have over desktops is the aspect of portability.

One thing you will notice if your background in computing is only on laptops is that desktops perform much better in terms of speed, graphics and storage space. The monitors of desktop PCs tend to be larger than those of laptops, making it easier to read what is on the screen. There are just some of the merits of desktop computing vs. laptop computing, yet they speak entirely for themselves once experienced by the user.

A lot of people who own laptop PCs but are thinking about upgrading to a desktop are nervous about doing so for many reasons. However, you need not be afraid. If you are worried about losing your files, there are many ways to transfer your old files to your new desktop. In such a case, you can now use your laptop as an “extra” computer in case you truly need to bring it somewhere. This is where the portability aspect of the laptop comes into play.

As a rule, desktops are much more powerful computers than laptops. Desktop PCs are able to hold more ram than most laptops and are much more capable of expansion. There is simply more physical area to deal with, thus less expensive, larger components can be used to keep price down and performance up. Desktop PCs outrank laptops in just about every area of performance, be it speed, graphics, space etc.

If you aren’t worried about speed in the beginning, be warned that it will someday be an issue, and you will also get better graphics out of a desktop PC as the graphics cards in these machines tend to be more robust than those in laptops. And since desktop PCs are larger than laptops and use cheaper parts, the end result is that the consumer will save a ton of money by taking this route.

Desktops are considered superior to laptops for many, many reasons. There is no getting around the fact that desktop PCs are much more powerful than laptops, and it is no secret at this time that they are also much less expensive than their counterparts. If you were to compare a laptop with a specific set of specs with a desktop that had the same specs, the desktop would almost definitely cost you less money than the laptop.

The fact is that in order for a laptop to perform as well as a desktop, it must use smaller, chips that are inevitably more expensive to produce than those of a desktop. Just be sure you know what you are getting into, as the laptop trend has exploded and caused many people to spend their money on something they want rather than really need.

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