Gains from Corporate Learning Packages

Until the various marvels of IT (information technology) made their presence felt in early 90s, refresher courses, in-house workshops and seminars were regular affairs for the executives and managers as well as senior supervisory staff in the corporate world,. Although all these endeavours were oriented towards higher productivity and other progressive measures, they were quite time consuming and expensive too. Often when the resource person or the guest speaker happened to be a leading management consultant or a famed professional, the company had to incur expenses to the extent of five figures as the fees. Further, these meets were mostly hosted in star rated hotels or similar business convention centres, depending on the number of participants.

However, today, it is a changed scenario, thanks to tailor-made packages of corporate learning solutions that are programmed by expert IT companies with a proven record in the sphere of what is known as e-learning. Indeed, with almost all the professionals these days being computer literate, there are numerous advantages of availing this medium of training.

– Ample savings in terms of travel time and organising classroom sessions
– Learning can be on-line or through handy compute packages
– Round-the-clock (24×7) accessibility
– Enhanced Pedagogy with scope for better interactive sessions
– Better reach with the resource person and among the cross-section of participants
– Greener (eco-friendly) modes and cost-effective
– Millennial suitability

Colourful audio-video sessions which are often animated too, make these programmes truly interesting with no boredom whatsoever that one may experience after the lunch when the training workshops are conducted in air-conditioned conference halls. Reportedly, the British Telecom delivered e-business training to 23,000 employees in three months, at a cost of 5.9 million sterling pounds vis-à-vis 17.8 million pounds that it incurred over a five-year period in monotonous classroom training. Further the e-learning packages are of great significance in view of the fact that these days, the corporate affairs have a global perspective despite the differing time zone factors.

There are established companies which render customised and result-oriented corporate learning services. To cite an instance, the Delhi NCR based Sterco Digitex has carved out a niche in this segment. This has been enabled by a team of competent programmers, content developers, illustrators and animators who jointly infuse case studies from real life scenario for an interactive learning session.

A major and plus-factor of the e-learning components by this company is the utilization of SCORM compliant software. A package integrating SCORM is that apart from providing solutions in Flash and HTML 5 formats, it is compatible with all popular platforms.

In a nutshell, it is reiterated that e-learning has immense potential for the personnel engaged in corporate activities. Further the trade and industry today have acknowledged that e-learning is the second most valuable training method that they rely upon. Above all, surveys have revealed that e-learning cuts down instruction time by up to 60%.

Corporate learning packages have lent the employees ample chances to access resources quickly via the LMS (learning management system). By including links to articles and videos, the employees are enlightened with references and information that they can use to expand their knowledge base and fine-tune their skill sets.

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