How to Prolong the Service Life of Gearbox with Gearbox Lubrication System

Modern gears are performing heavier work and carrying greater loads than ever before. There is a demand from all industries for more power in a smaller package. Hence, heavily loaded bearings and gearboxes require special attention for proper functioning. The solution is a circulating oil lubrication system that controls the gearbox temperature, separate dirt particles, foam and water from the oil. Here are few tips to prolong the service life of gearbox with the lubricating system.

Proper Analysis of Gearbox:

First and foremost important thing before you choose a Gearbox Lubrication System is to do the proper analysis of your gearbox. Failure in a proper inspection of a set of gear may lead to rapid fluctuations in operating temperature, high speed, system malfunction or even permanent damage. With proper analysis, one can easily prolong the service life and productivity of a gearbox to its optimum level.

Ideal Gear Oil Selection:

There is a large variety of lubrication system available in the market and each has a different set of application ranging from household Motor Pump Assembly to large industrial machine usage. When selecting a lubrication system for a particular application, give proper attention to the details like viscosity, operating conditions, etc. Bring location of the machine, atmospheric conditions and usage hours into consideration before choosing lubrication system for your gearbox.

Prepping the Gearbox:

In order to obtain the optimum performance and prolong the service life, it is necessary to properly prepare the enclosed gear reservoir of a gearbox. From the standpoint of both service and economy, it is necessary to remove and recharge gearbox with fresh lubricant when the oil has become contaminated. First, flush used lubricant from the reservoir and then properly recharge the gearbox reservoir with the appropriate gear lubricant so that gearbox can perform properly.

Reducing Wear:

Due to environmental standard, overload and various other reasons, gearboxes don’t seem to work properly sometimes. The number one cause of failure in any mechanical application is the contamination. Hence, it is so important to reduce wears and protect mechanical parts of a gearbox with proper lubrication for a prolong service life.

Checking Temperature:

It is important to maintain the right temperature of mechanical equipment during operation to prevent overheating. An overheated gearbox may cause oil degradation, wear on bearings and a shorter lifespan. With proper lubrication of gearbox temperature proper temperature can be maintained.

To safely carry the increased load Gearbox Lubrication Manufacturers have helped in a great way by developing better gear oil lubrication system. Choose proper lubrication for your gearbox to prolong its lifetime and productivity.

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