Kayaking Books and Magazines

Kayaking is a thrilling activity that requires technical expertise, flair and constant practice. Although the best way to master this sport is to practically do it regularly, reading about it would also help greatly in the long run. There are numerous books and magazines on kayaking that throw light on the various aspects of the sport and help the kayakers in developing comprehensive knowledge about it.

Sea Kayaking Books

Books on kayaking range from plain informative books that provide lessons and tips on kayaking to thrilling novels. Some of the most popular books on sea kayaking are as follows:

1. Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook: A great all-inclusive book on sea kayaking, this provides a perfect guide to sea kayaking. Written by Shelley Johnson, the handbook includes sea kayaking fundamentals that must be remembered by amateurs as well as experienced kayakers.

2. Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue: From Mild to Wild Conditions, the Essential Guide for Beginners Through Experts: A self explanatory title, this book is also aimed to provide information on every minute facet of sea kayaking that would not only help kayakers to learn the techniques of kayaking but also master them. This book is written by John Lull and explains every paddling stroke in detail.

3. Extreme Sea Kayaking: A Survival Guide: Written by Michael Powers, this book addresses the intricacies of extreme sea kayaking. Extreme sea kayaking is the most difficult form of sea kayaking and involves paddling in the outermost edges of the ocean. Thus, for this kayakers must have ample experience and strong technical expertise. This book can help a great deal in enhancing knowledge on extreme sea kayaking.

4. Sea Kayaker’s Savvy Paddler: This book written by Doug Alderson provides 500 tips for kayakers to enhance their sea kayaking techniques. These are vital tips that can make a big difference to a kayaker’s paddling style.

5. Sea Kayaker’s Deep Trouble: An extremely thrilling book, the Sea Kayaker’s Deep Troubles includes more than 20 real life accounts of sea kayaking accidents. The book relates nerve wracking accounts by rescuers, survivors and witnesses.

Whitewater Kayaking Books

Whitewater kayaking involves riding the gushing rapids and is not a very easy form of kayaking. Some of the greatest books on whitewater kayaking include:

1. Whitewater Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide: Written by Ken Whiting and Kevin Varette, this in one of the most widely used guides on whitewater kayaking. Paddlers can learn some of the most difficult maneuvers of whitewater kayaking with the help of this book.

2. Whitewater Paddling: Strokes and Concepts: A book that simplifies the difficult strokes and drills of whitewater kayaking, this book is great for amateur whitewater paddlers. The book is written by Eric Jackson.

3. The Essential Whitewater: A Complete Course: Written by Jeff Bennett, this is yet another comprehensive guide on whitewater kayaking for kayakers of all levels.

Kayaking Magazines

Apart from kayaking books, enthusiastic kayakers can subscribe to various kayaking magazines. These magazines help kayakers to stay in touch with the latest developments in the kayaking circuit and also interact with fellow paddlers as well as experts. Some of the most popular kayaking magazines are as follows:

1. Canoe & Kayak: One of the leading kayaking magazines in North America, this magazine provides important kayaking information like destination reviews and latest paddling techniques. The magazine also provides expert reviews on different kayaking gear.

2. Paddler Magazine: The Paddler is a bi-monthly magazine and covers every aspect of sea and whitewater kayaking. This magazine is mainly targeted to the experienced paddlers. The magazine also features articles by expert paddlers who share some exciting kayaking experiences of their lives.

3. Sea Kayaker Magazine: Yet another bi-monthly magazine, the Sea Kayaker is an excellent edition that features some of the most exciting sea kayaking destinations of the world.

These are some of the most widely followed books and magazines by kayakers worldwide. Keen enthusiasts can build a good collection of these books and magazines to enhance their skills and knowledge levels.

Marc Fredmen is a kayaking expert and author and provides helpful tips on kayaking for beginners. Beginners can learn the fundamentals of kayaking here.

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