Student Culture: Youth Subculture as a Form of Self-Expression.

Young people always wanted to distinguish their individuality. For this purpose, they tried to find their distinct style and express it in their closing, behavior and interests. Such form of the youth self-expression got its name of the youth subculture. Every subculture has its beliefs and rules of behavior.

During centuries, there were a number of youth cultures. The most impressive were dandies, greasers, new romantics, gangsta, rockers, geek chic, punks, emo, grunge and the most famous and the most distinguishing hippy culture.

Let us consider some of these cultures that rise in their popularity nowadays: emo, geek chic and gangsta.

1. Emo. Black hair, tight jeans and studded belts are the features of the emo subculture. The subculture appeared in 1980’s in Washington D.C. First, it was a branch of the “emotional hardcore” called “emocore”. It legalized its status and broke into the mainstream subculture at the beginning of the 2000s when the record of Jimmy East Wood had a great success. Today, it is one of the most popular youth cultures. The stereotype is a young, sensitive and shy person in slim-fit jeans, tight t-shirt, black wristband and with dyed straightened hair. This style is sometimes associated with depression and suicide.

2. Gangsta. The most distinguished about this subculture is the gangsta rap style. It emerged as a type of the hip-hop culture. The essence of this subculture is to reflect the life style of the inner city youth. It is often accused of promoting violence, street gangs, vandalism, alcohol abuse, materialism. However, it is still the most commercial subgenre of the hip-hop.

3. Geek chic is a new interpretation of the unpopular “geek”. Actually, this style has some innovations every few years. The common features are the thick-framed glasses, checked trousers and a tucked-in t-shirt. The general idea is to look intelligent, but interesting.

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