To More Information About R4 revolution

R4 revolution is finding many application in the new generation games. We can play all the existing games for the console without any problem. We can rightly define the R4 Revolution card a revolution for Nintendo DS This consists of an R4 cartridge which has several features to maximize the utility of the Nintendo Ds and Nintendo DS lite because the R4 team supports the upgrading the software and hardware constantly. This is an amazing device which can expand its storage capacity. To operate this R4 revolution it is necessary to place a Micro SD memory it can be up to 2GB memory capacity which gives us the ability to put large amounts of content. With the help of R4 revolution we can emulate Nintendo DS and also we can see all kinds of videos previously which to be converted to .dpg format, we can listen MP3s, read the text files, look at the pictures and image, connect to the internet and browse and search on it and also able to chat via MSN.

If we want to change our gaming and entertainment experience then it is better to go in for the R4 revolution card. In fact the newly introduced R4 revolution will help to save our favorite games in one micro SD card. Out of the newly introduced models, we can find R4 Revolution games in greater quantity cheaply because of its high storage capacities. Infinite number of movies and songs can be stored in a singe R4 revolution DS card. Some of the best suited features of the R4 revolution Ds card include – internet connectivity, R4 revolution firmware, wireless connection, videos and movies.

To read about r4 revolution and other information, visit the nintendo ds r4 site.

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