Understanding The Legal Assistance Provided by Rajasthan Consumer Court

Consumer Courts operates to protect the customers from wrong exploitation of a company or service provider. The legal system works for all types of people in the country. It is also considered as one of the most important legislation for the people of the country. Unlike before, consumers are able to take quick action and obtain the right compensation for the problems they are facing through this legal system. It does not matter what the issue is, if you think that you have been cheated or mistreated by a company, you can take action. However, before you get ready for the process, it is quite imperative to understand your rights as a customer. Some of the most important rights of the customers are right to safety, right to information, right to redress, right to choose, right to consumer education etc. If any of these rights are violated by a company or a service provider, you can take action in the Rajasthan Consumer Court. Basically, there are three types of consumer courts operating. These are the National, State and the District level courts. You have to choose the right court based on different factors.

Information for Choosing the Right Court:

When you are choosing a consumer court, it is necessary to consider different factors. For instance, you should know the type of the case you are dealing with and the amount involved. If the amount is more than one crore, you have to file the case in a National Court. On the other hand, for amount less than one crore but more than twenty lakhs should be submitted to State Court. However, if it is a small case that involves amount less than twenty lakhs, you have to file the case in the District court. Rajasthan Consumer Court comes under the State level. It does not matter what type of court you have to file a complaint, the process is quite simple. In order to encourage the customers, the court has made the filing process quite simple. For instance, you also have an option to file a complaint in the court in a plain sheet. You can mention details about the problems you are facing and submit it in the court. However, it is also important to provide all the necessary documents with the complaint letter. Some of the most important documents are bill, invoice, warranty card or any type of receipt provided by the company.

Simple Way to Redress your Problem:

Filing a complaint in the consumer court is considered as the simplest way to redress your issue. It does not matter how big or small a company is, if you are not getting the right quality or quantity for the money you are paying, you can fight for the compensation. Before filing a complaint in the consumer court, it is important to send a notice to the company. If they fail to respond to your queries within the given time frame, you can move the case to the consumer court.

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